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Why do our food cravings only seem to be for food that is bad for us?

That cliche that if something tastes good, it must be bad for us has a lot to answer for. If we go few our lists of favourite foods, the majority of them will be things that are not good for us. Our bodies crave sugar and food that doesn't provide us with the nutrition our bodies really need, but we go back because we are addicted to the taste. But why do we crave these foods?

I guess the saying "guilty pleasure" comes into play here too, when we KNOW a certain food is not healthy, it gives us that little bit of motivation to have it at times. There's also a convenience factor involved. We're out, it's late, we've been at work all day, and don't feel like cooking and washing the dishes after, so as we're walking home, we get drawn to the nearest burger joint, and before we know it, we've filled our stomachs with junk food. The solution really is to have access to food that is healthy, but is easily accessible. Meal prep services are great for this, or you can prep your meals for the whole day in the morning to save yourself time later! this can get rid of the urge to have a cheat meal in the evening!

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Why do our food cravings only seem to be for food that is bad for us?

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